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'Luxembourg Spring 2016'
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news - 26/03/2016
Luxembourg Spring 2016  -  Luxembourg

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
Luxembourg Spring Edition 2016 What' s wrong with Luxembourg? Indeed...what's wrong? A couple of years ago the tendency was growth, more and more, but since a few years it stopped and started to go down from 5487 in its record year 2009 to 4568 this year. Of course 4568 is far from bad, but compared to last year when the show still had 5288 entries. Lots of shows in neighboring countries have problems with numbers getting down, although in Belgium it is still OK and numbers are stable and some even slowly increasing.

AThe works going on around the halls can be an important reason affecting the parking area. 31 Countries were represented, France leading as usual with 1408 dogs, Germany next with 1025, then Belgium with 687 and the Netherlands with 429. Italy is usually well represented too with 153 this time, more than the participants of Luxembourg who were with 121. Denmark had 112 and Spain 109 dogs in this show, Russia 74 and the United Kingdom 69. Far away countries are the USA with 2 dogs, Iceland with 1 and Australia with 1. But again, all countries had less dogs in this show. The terrorist attacks at Brussels airport cannot be the reason either as the dogs were entered before. It also seems that they had relatively little impact on the flights of the judges who were all well in time at the show. 41 Were invited, 17 nationalities. Unfortunately Mr. Tibor Gellen from Hungary collapsed on Saturday morning in the ring and was transferred to the Hospital where he died shortly after. On Saturday he was supposed to judge 76 dogs, on Sunday 65 including 35 Shelties. As usual the judges in Luxembourg are well chosen and most have very nice attraction.Mr.Avi Marshak from Israel had a fabulous result, 110 Dobermans! Mr.Myriam Vermeire judged 57 Miniature Schnauzers and a few other breeds and ended Saturday with 76 dogs. Mr.Günther Ehrenreich from Austria had a total of 157 dogs in total. On Sunday he did nothing but the 87 Chihuahuas. Mr.Dirk Spruyt was also more busy on Sunday when he had 84 dogs. Spaniels are popular, they were on Sunday, all for Mr. Giovanni Battista Tabe from Italy. He had 92. Mr.Juanchicot from France had 70 Boxers on Saturday and 105 dogs on Sunday including a nice number of 56 Flat Coated Retrievers. That brings him on the second place of most popular judges of this show. Mrs.Melchior from Luxembourg had 100 dogs on Sunday thanks to the increasing popularity of the Shiba Inu. The Cane Corso is another breed that becomes very popular today. 72 Arrived for Mr. Enrico Drudi from San Marino, that was on Saturday. Mr.Hans Grüttner had a busy Sunday when he did the second best scoring breed of the show, the French Bulldogs. The 98 specimen were all for him. The Golden Retrievers however won the score with 99 specimen. They were divided between Mr.Drudi (Sunday) and Mr.Marco Lepasaar from Estonia. Mrs.Siret Lepasaar was top scoring judge withy 180 dogs in total, 87 Terriers on Saturday and 93 on Sunday when she had the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, 85, which is a very good entry for this breed. Mr.Steven Seymour from the United Kingdom had 95 dogs on Saturday, all American Staffordhire Terriers. A nice number of Pugs were for Mr.Horst Kliebenstein from Germany, he had 80 to judge. In fact 20 judges scored 130 dogs or more over the weekend or an average of 65 minimum. Two one day judges also scored over 65. The average day number of all judges together was 66 dogs and that is a splendid score.

The main ring had a brand new carpet and there was live streaming on internet. The main ring program is rather loaded due to the splitting in Puppy and Junior Class of males and females. In order to make it easier to overlook, the male representatives of each breed have to enter the ring , a quick selection is made by the judge and then next group comes into the ring. Finally the selected dogs of each group are judged and placed. Then it all starts over again for the females before the best puppy of day is chosen. On Sunday in Junior class the best of both days compete again for Best Junior in show. All this means that if a judge makes it a little too long for each selection and each dog, it can take hours before the groups can start. That is what happened this time and it's not the first time. It would be better to work like in the last World and European Shows, let them all enter the ring once and just withhold the pre-selected. And to make it even more smoothly is to have the breed judge select Best Puppy and Best Junior of each breed in the breed ring. Half of the puppies and juniors can leave the show earlier, the judge has a much better overview, things go much faster and it is less boring for everyone, especially the public that keeps more focused till the end. And at the final moment when the BIS is chosen, there are still spectators around the ring and kids that can follow the finals till the end, while now the winners are celebrated before an empty hall where all the stands are almost loaded on the trucks. A show should end at 6 at the latest, not past 7. On sunday the main ring started at 15u00 and ended at 19u10. More than 4 hours!

Mr. Giovanni Battista Tabe from Italy was the chosen to judge Best In Show this time. His 3rd place went to the American Staffordshire Terrier "Lievore's Edition I Dare You" This Italian boy was entered in Champion Class by his master Mr. Lievore Piergiogio. Mr. Seymour judged the breed and made him winner over 94 competitors. The group win was under Mr. Vesa Lehtonen from Finland. The winner of the Medium sized Poodles white-black-brown came next. He was another choice of the Mr. Lehtonen who judged the breed. Ch.Canmoy's Black Magic, was entered in veteran class males and is also coming from Italy. His master is Claudia Papini. He is 8 already but still so proud and good moving. He had 14 competitors. His Group judge was Hanne Laine Jensen from Denmark. The BIS Trophy went to Russia. Mrs. E.Gaynulina can be proud of her Miniature Spitz Orange "Thai Silk Unique Perspective". Mr.Jean François Vanaken picked this little 3-year old boy out of 38 and left it to Mr.Karl Reisinger from Austria to let him go to the Finals, which he did. Thai was entered in Champion Class. He will remember this show very well due to the hundreds of flashes from tens of cameras ,all focused on him. If it was too late to stay and you missed him, he will probably be back in September 10and 11. See you there!

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

Results: UCL and Karl DONVIL

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