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'Ambiorix Trofee 2016'
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nouvelles - 02/04/2016
Ambiorix Trofee 2016  -  Belgique

chien éleveurs chiens photos par Karl Donvil
Ambiorix Trofee 2016 For the second time in a month Genk was host city of a Dog Show. This time it was the 18th edition of the Ambiorix Trofee. Ambiorix is a local hero who fought against the Romans, the Belgian Asterix if you like. While last year the club was on term for their first CACIB, this year it was LKV who had the CACIB 3 weeks before. Notwithstanding "only" a CAC, the club had a nice entry of 1465 dogs coming from 13 different countries coming from as far as Belarus, Russia and Poland. 13 British dogs were entered. On Sunday there were only 654 dogs to judge, compared to Saturday when there were 811. Most dogs entered were from Belgium, 930, and the Netherlands that are really close, 299. Germany is very nearby too but only 99 German dogs were entered, hardly more than France that had 95.

The halls are well located, easy to find, close to the highway and there is always enough parking . That makes the Limburghalls so interesting. Inside there is enough space, as there is no fixed main ring for demonstrations and activities during the day. But people tend to occupy all the space they can get, stretching out their whole equipment and causing dangerous cross points and bottlenecks. And people also use to occupy the ringsides, leaving hardly enough space for a dog and handler to enter the ring. Maybe it's time to highlight areas for grooming, benching and walking, like in some big shows like the Helsinki World Show. That worked so well, it's only a matter of people making used to this system .

The catalog was nice and complete. Sometimes there are real rarities on a show, even on the smaller one. How many people have ever seen an "Epagneul de pont audemer", a dog easy recognisable on his funny topknot in dreadlocks on his head? The club invited 15 judges from 7 different countries, 7 were Belgian judges and 4 only officiated one day. Mr.Piotr Krol from Poland is the regular guest again. He is judging every time on this show as long as I can remember and he judges almost every time at the LKV show too. This year he had a busy Saturday with 89 dogs to judge. When he finished the weekend he had judges 138 dogs. Mr. Deschuymere from Belgium was in the very same situation, a busy Saturday with 83 dogs and a relaxing Sunday with 40. Compatriot to Mr. Krol, Mrs Elzbieta Chwalibog, had 86 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday , while Mr. Svend Lovenkjaer from Denmark had 82 and 39 respectively. Mrs. A Van Der Wijs from Belgium judged the Bulldogs and had 39 in total. She did not judge on Sunday. Mrs.Jadranka Smojver-Selimovic came from Croatia and judged mostly comapnion breed on Saturday. She had 80, included 41 CHinese Cresteds and Powderpuffs. On Sunday she had Terriers and that gave her a very good final result of 154 for the weekend. She came along with her husband, Mr. Igor Selimovic. He had 102 entries on Saturday, when he judged a lot of breeds out of group 2 and 7. On Sunday he had no time to relax. Another 89 dogs were anxious to hear his opinion. It were all Shepherd breeds. This nice result was due to some popular breeds like the 33 Aussies, 13 Swiss white Shepherds and the 15 Bearded Collies. Mr.Weng Woh Chan from Malaysia was the record holder of the weekend. On Saturday he had 107 dogs, all the Dachshunds and Poodles and on Sunday he had 90 more, all Retrievers and Waterdogs.

Judge for Best In Show was MR. Svend Lovenkjaer from Denmark. His 3rd place went to the Bearded Collie "Bono's Watchful Eye Al Capone". He was Mr.Selimovic's choice out of 15 in the breed as well as in the group and was entered in Champion Class aged almost 3. He lives with Mrs.Nicole Vissers from the Netherlands. Second place was for the frequently crowned Lhasa Apso from Mrs.Marion Radstok, also from the Netherlands. "Close to Perfection Next to you" was entered also in Champion Class under Mrs. Ingrid Hectors. He had only to defeat 5 competitors in the breed but won the group later under Mrs. Smojver-Selimovic. This boy is already 6. Ultimate winner and Best In Show was the Newfoundlander "Cypress Bay's The One That I Want For Bear N Mind". 19 Were entered for Mr.Kroll, who also judged the Group later. This very dog was 3 weeks before winner placed 3rd in the Working Group at Crufts. He is co-owned by Mrs and Mr Bogaerts and Dwight Gorsuch. He is American bred by Debra Thornton and will become 4 in September.

Next edition of the Ambiorix Trofee will again be with CACIB and take place in Genk again on 24 & 25 of June. There will probably be around 2000 dogs, so enter in time!

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

Results: HKV and Karl DONVIL

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