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'WIEZE 2016'
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nieuws - 14/05/2016
WIEZE 2016  -  BelgiŽ

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
Aalst-Wieze 2016, small but attractive show. This is already the 37th edition of this small show organized by the Cynological Society Nievel-Kapel. Many things have changed since I visited this show for the first time many years ago. I remember this show being held in Aalst in the Keizershallen where it was very difficult to find a parking place as that was in the very middle of the town. A few years later the show moved to Wieze in the Oktoberhalls where it still takes place. And I remember when the club was granted the honor to organize her first CACIB and had to rent a big tent to host all the extra dogs. But most of all I remember the many changes in the committee after the death of the founder of the club, Mr. Van den Broeck Ernest, who was also a renowned judge. And of course there was the famous system of crowning BIS dog and BIS bitch in Hop-emperor and Hop-empress, a system that often caused very weird and illogical results. But that is history now, Wieze has changed since.

The committee has found a new dynamism and gets it done to set up a nice and smoothly running show. But also the halls seem to change for the better every year. This year the parking area is finished and the entry hall is completely renewed, large enough, if necessary, to set up two smaller rings for small breeds. But so far, there is no need to, as inside it is large enough to hold all 1293 dogs comfortably, plus a big main ring that is not in use during the day. Maybe that can change in a future edition. And who knows, the club is dreaming of having another CACIB in the future, and in that case they maybe don't need to rent an extra tent.

Notwithstanding the fact that this is a small show with only a CAC title, 12 nationalities were present, including a dog from Iceland, a few from Bulgaria and even one from the States. 901 Were Belgian dogs, 132 came from France and 203 from the Netherlands. The United Kingdom send 10 participating dogs. The organization had chosen to invite Belgian judges as much as possible, 11 out of the 13 judges invited. 6 Of them judged only one day and a few were starting judges with only a few breeds. But notwithstanding that there was a good average of 64,65 d/JD (dogs per judging day). Some judges were very popular like Mr.Freddy Declercq and Mrs.Diane Degryze who both judged only on Saturday and focused on Companion dogs. They had 92 and 89 dogs respectively. Mrs.Elina Haapaniemi from Finland was one of the two foreign judges. She had a busy Saturday with 108 dogs from Group 1, while on Sunday She had breeds out of Group 2 and 8. Mr.Jean-Louis Grunheid was the other foreign judge. He came from France and is a specialist of sighthounds. On Saturday he judged some breeds from Group V, while on Sunday, besides the Parson and the Jack Russell Terriers he had all the sighthounds which resulted in the day record score of the weekend with 113 entries. Mr.Jos Decuyper, had a good entry of 97 on Sunday when he did the Schnauzer varieties and some Terrier breeds. Mr. Gustaaf Van den Bosch, Judged on Sunday only, but he scored very well too with 93 entries. A few popular breeds helped, like 28 Bulldogs and 40 Bernese Mountain dogs. Mr. Walter Van Den Broeck judged on Saturday only. He did all the Dachshunds, 56 all together, which is a nice score for a small show. Mr.Paul D'Hooge judged on Sunday only. 41 Great Danes is another result worth mentioning.

Top judge of the weekend was Mr.August De Wilde, Belgium's oldest all rounder. On Saturday he judged Group 5 breeds and all the pugs and finished with 110 dogs. On Saturday he focused on group 2 and group 8 dogs and that resulted in 104 dogs. But that was not the end of his weekend as he was also appointed BIS judged. His 3rd place went to the American Akita "American Triumph OMG It's Him", the Junior winning male, owned and bred by Mrs.Daponte. He was judged by Mr.De Wilde for the breed and the group as well. Res Best In SHow went to the nice Pyrenean Mountaindog "Vi'skaly's ti-ti-oo". This male was entered in Intermediate class to be judged by Mrs.Haapaniemi from Finland. He was alone in his breed but that did not prevent him from winning his Group under Mr.Gustaaf Van den Bosch. He is bred in Sweden by Mattison-Sandstrom and owned by Holtappels Elsje. He is a upcoming competitor for the BIS winner as it was close. But Beardie Connections Kenji did it again and won BIS. Kenji was also chosen as winner of his Group by Mrs.Haapaniemi after winning the breed under Mrs.Gregoire. No need to present Kenji as he won so many BIS lately. Just read my previous show reports. I wonder who Mrs.Haapaniemi would have chosen as BIS? Maybe both dogs will compete again next year, 13 & 14 of Mai.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

Results: KVN / Sofie Vranckaert

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