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'Lommel 2016'
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news - 04/06/2016
Lommel 2016  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
LOMMEL 2016 It's never easy for small shows to score well when within reasonable distance there are a few big shows going on. The very same weekend as the show of Lommel there was the Championnat de France in Metz in the Nord East of France, probably the most important show in France. There go the French, German and Luxembourg exhibitors. In the Netherlands, very near to Lommel, was the CACIB show of Tilburg, there go the Dutch exhibitors, and as Lommel is only a CAC show, there go the ambitious Belgian exhibitors who still need a Dutch or a French title. Fortunately, there were still 1067 exhibitors who preferred to take their chance in Lommel, 113 less than last year. But the Kynological Society Moldernete isnot disappointed after all but they were more afraid of the weather. Less than a week before the show there was a flood in parts of the city and the weather forecast was not very promising. The hall was not affected notwithstanding the fact that the arena -it's a modern sports hall - is build in a dip and if water would flow in it would be a disaster. But as usual there was sunlight, nice weather, ideal temperature, not too hot, and that made people happy and relaxed, what positively affected the whole show. There were only a few trade stands inside and a frites shop outside. This year the rings were all covered with carpet which is very comfortable for the dogs and for judging their movement. Notwithstanding the concurrence of the Dutch and the French show there 230 entries from the Netherlands and but only 33 from France. The Germans had 68 dogs in competition and 13 UK dogs were shown, all together 10 different countries. Two Thai Bankaew dogs and one Korean Jundo Dog were entered.

13 Judges were invited from 9 different nationalities. Only 5 from Belgium, and one each from Serbia, Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands.Mr.Al Daghistani from Serbia had 85 dogs on Saturday. He did the Chinese Cresteds (32) and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (28). Mr D.Mamontov from Russia did all the Teckels and some of Group 2 and had 74 dogs all together. 30 Bernese Mountaindogs and 41 Chihuahuas and a few other breeds resulted in a score of 106 dogs for Mr.Van Raamsdonk from Belgium. On Sunday he was less busy with 37 dogs, but it wade him the best scoring judge of the weekend. The highest score on Sunday was for Mrs. Remelt-Gebauer from Germany. She had only 25 dogs on Saturday, but 99 on Sunday. Mrs.J.Janek from Slovakia came close with 95 dogs in her ring. For her too Saturday was a relax day with only 15 dogs. Mr.Van Raamsdonk was not only the best scoring judge but he was also honored with his first BIS judging. All dogs had to be placed . The winner of the Dachshunds and the Pointing dogs did not came back. Possibly they were entered on Sunday for one of the other shows. The winner of group II, the Leonberger won 3rd BIS. "Nino From Yellow's Garden" was entered in Open Class, competing 3 more specimen. This male is not yet 2 years old and is bred and owned by Bauwens-Roobrouck Carine and Bart from Belgium. Mr.Chmiel from Poland was the breed judgeand Mr.Al -Daghistani the groups judge. Mrs.Mahy Leatitia is the proud owner of the blond Shih Tzu "Diamond Flash Tiana Velvet Royal" that she entered in Intermediate Class females for Mrs. Reinelt-Gebauer. This female is about the same age as the Leonberger. 8 Were entered and the Group was also judged by Mrs. Reinelt-Gebauer. And Mrs.Nancy Daponte won this show with her American Akita "American Triumph OMG It's Him", a 13 months old male that she entered in Junior Class also for Mrs.Reinelt -Gebauer. 4 Out of the 7 American Akita's were entered by Nancy. She won the Group under Mr.Al-Daghistani. So young still and his first BIS title. Expectations are high for him and his mistress. We have high expectations for next edition. That will be a holiday weekend and without concurrence. We will see how much influence it has on the entries. A nice team of collaborators is waiting for you and promising you a fantastic show!

Text, photographs and results by Karl DONVIL

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