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'Mechelen 2016'
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news - 13/08/2016
Mechelen 2016  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
Mechelen 2016, Britain takes the cup! At first the show was planned for December due to the European of Brussels end of august, but at last they had to take the risk and set it back to summer like they were used too , only two weeks prior to the European. As I always make up my agenda at the start of the year , I almost missed this show that was still planned in December on my shedule, not being aware of any change. There was only a small decrease from 1568 to 1496 entries , the number of entries was not affected too much at last. This year there was no activity in the main ring during the day until the finals. A pity perhaps. The Nekkerhalls are very vast and there is enough space to make a big main ring, but it looks a little sad when it is empty most of the time. The club had a new ticketing system for anything that needed to be paid. It was developed in order to make the bookkeeping for a show like this much easier and more efficient. Something to be copied by other clubs, as often money and bookkeeping proved to be the reason for many discussions and troubles in clubs. Again a good catalogue with lots of information and statistics and a clubmembers breeders list. Exhibitors were representing 13 different countries. Belgium had 951 entries, France 153, Germany 93 and the Netherlands 261. 16 UK dogs were entered too. A few dogs came from Russia, Sweden, Spain, Croatia and Luxemburg . Ukraine and Poland had one participant each.

21 Judges were invited , 8 of them were Belgian judges and only 8 were judging both days. The average Dogs/judging day was 50. Mrs Annamaria Tarjan from Hungary had 133 dogs in total. On Sunday she was most busy when she had Retriever breeds plus the Dogue de Bordeaux, 80 dogs in total. Mrs.Ingrid Hectors from Belgium had a total of 120 dogs over the weekend. She is regularly doing exams for more breeds and is regularly on the invitation list. Second best scoring judge of the show was Mr.Gustaaf van den Bosch, also from Belgium. He was the best scoring judge on Saturday with 98 dogs, including 35 Pomeranians. Mr.Hans Joachim Dux from Germany was the best scoring judge of the show with one more entry, 148 in total. His most busy day was Sunday when he had 95 dogs, including 30 Rottweilers. Mr.Otto Krcal from Austria had a total of 121 dogs. His most busy day was Sunday too when he had had Terrier breeds to judge, a total of 81. Mrs.Eva De Winne , Belgian judge, was officiating on Saturday only, but she had a very good entry of 85. She judged Briards and several companion breeds. Alike Mrs. Hectors, Mrs. Inge Willemsen is relatively new in the judges world. On Saturday she judged two popular breeds, 31 French Bulldogs and 43 Chihuahuas, while on Sunday she did Schnauzers. Mrs.Suzanne Zubair was invited from the United Kingdom to judge the most popular breed of the show, the 38 Golden Retrievers.

Best In Show judge was Mr.Jos de Cuyper from Belgium. He picked out Marianne Radstok from the Netherlands' Lhasa Apso as his 3rd BIS. "Close to Perfection Next to you" is 6 years old and was entered in Champion class. He was chosen Best of Breed by Mrs.Barbara Pallansky from Germany out of 9. She was also the Group judge. Res Best in Show went to "Beardie Connections Kenji" that we know as BIS winner on several previous Belgian shows. Mr.Bart Vandaele from Belgium was his breed judge. 12 Beardies were entered. Group judge was Mr. Dux. 6 Tchiorny Terriers were entered for Mr.Gustaaf Van Den Bosch and one of them became Best In Show, the two year old male "Sibirski Medved Vesely Rodzher". This dog is living in the United Kingdom and is owned by Antonina Chichvarkina and bred by I.Zaytseva from the UK. That means that the 2016 Sint Romboutscup is going to Britain this year. Maybe this will bring much more British dogs next year on 19 & 20 of August.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

Results: KVSR

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