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'Luxembourg Autumn 2016'
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news - 10/09/2016
Luxembourg Autumn 2016  -  Luxembourg

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
LUXEMBOURG autumn 2016 The reason why a show has a lot less entries than previous versions is sometimes hard to tell. It happened to Luxembourg this year. The autumn version is always less successful than the spring version. It is always end of summer when people have had their holidays. This is known to be expensive, especially if you have kids. Besides that there is also school that starts and that is expensive too. All of this does not count for March/April. But that is not the only reason this time. The European Dog Show in Brussels, only about 200km away, has the same public and was very expensive. People make choices then and most of them go for the European title. We probably don't need to look further for the entries dropping from 4244 in 2014 to (only) 3386 this time. For sure it has nothing to do with the quality of the show or the choice of judges or whatever other reason. And that means that next year we can expect a raise again. But spring or autumn edition, Luxembourg will always be one of the most international shows on the continent. This time dogs were entered from as much as 27 different countries. France takes the lead with 1018 entries, Germany follows with 754 as is Belgium with 621. The Netherlands are not so numerous this time with 365 entries. 116 Dogs were from Luxembourg while Spain had 81, Denmark 77, Italy 71 and the United Kingdom a good number of 66.

It was very quiet during the day as there was no entertainment in the main ring. I also had the impression that there were not that much visitors. Maybe that had to do with the metro works nearby the halls. That has an impact on the parking facilities. It looks like there are always works in the neighborhood, but maybe, when the trams are stopping nearby the halls, it could make a difference. It becomes also a habit to introduce novelties every time. This time it was a big screen for live view. And not only the dogs in the main ring are shown, but beneath is the dog's entry number and breed. Perfect, that is the way it should always be! Visitors pay for a catalog to find out at the end that they are more confused instead of wiser. Now they can find the breed, the name and a whole new world opens. All this is made possible thanks to a perfect working scanning system when the dog enters. After a QR code is read it is immediately show on the computer and linked to the big screen. The very same QR code is used to make up the results that are immediately available. It looks like Mrs. and Mr. Schwab are surrounded by enthusiastic staff . That must be a relief for them to see that the future of the show is guaranteed. Luxembourg was pioneer in more than one way. They introduced a lot of things. I remember getting the results nicely printed out in less than an hour after the BIS. This looks simple now, but I'm talking about many years ago. They were also pioneers in paying and entering dogs online. They introduced the QR scanning of the dogs entering the main ring and the automatic scheduling of the results. And now they have, as one of the first "regular" shows, live streaming coupled to the scanning system so that immediately breed and catalog number on a big screen. That would have been a solution for Brussels as the speakers there were very often quiet when the dogs entered the ring, not knowing for sure what breeds they were. It's not easy always and we have almost 400 breeds in the FCI. I wonder how long it will take before other shows will copy this idea. And why not working together? Didn't we hear that recently in many speeches held in Brussels during the European Show?

35 Judges were invited from 10 different countries. With 9 judges Germany had the most. Luxembourg had 7, 6 of them judged only one day. Another 5 were also judging one day only and that brings us to a little over 58 D/Jd (dogs./judging day), which is good but not outstanding. Interpreting the judges list is always subject for discussion. Judges can be invited to stand in for another judge that is overloaded or ill. Some judges are invited as specialist for one or a few breeds that are not too popular. Of course such judges can have huge numbers of dogs if it concerns popular breeds like Goldens or Borders and some judges, especially locals and all-rounder are invited to fill some gaps. The success of a judge on a show is not always indicative to his abilities and popularity. But big numbers are eye-catching and need explanation. So here we go. Mr. P.Würgatsch from Germany had the Staffordshire Terriers on Sunday, good for 46 in total. Mrs. Hélène Hallier from France was busy on Saturday when she judged 62 Poodles, 32 Dalmatians and a few other breeds. The total core was 116 and that was the second highest entry for a judge on Saturday. Mr. Detlef Köhler from Germany judged on Sunday only. He was invited for the Dobermanns only and had 61 in his ring, a good number and it seems that this breed is winning again in popularity. Mrs.Ruth Wagner from Luxembourg was also a one-day judge. On Saturday she had 92 dogs and that includes 38 Borders and 33 Beardies. Mr. Paul Lawless from Ireland had 79 dogs on Saturday, including 32 Briards. On Sunday he only judged the Cane Corsos and it looks like this breed is finding a lot of amateurs nowadays, 47 were entered here. His wife, Jean, was more busy on Saturday too when she took Group 5 breeds for her account. On Sunday, 56 Newfoundlanders were waiting for her judgment. Inviting a popular judging couple like them is certainly economic , together they were good for 283 dogs! Mr. Horst Kliebenstein from Germany is another regular guest in Luxembourg. His Sunday score of 67 American Staffordshires is certainly worth mentioning. Other high breed scores were 72 Goldens for Mrs. Petra Bannach from Germany, 84, English Cockers for Mrs. Anca Giura from Romania (she had the second highest weekend score with 163 entries,) , 55 English Bulldogs and 72 Chihuahua's for Mrs. Krystiyna Opara from Poland and 68 French Bulldogs. Boxers become look to become more and more popular again. Mr. Staf Van den Bosch from Belgium had 46 in his ring on Sunday. Top scoring judge this weekend was Mr.A dam Ostrowski. On Sunday he had no less than 142 dogs on his name, 80 of them Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. His total score was 203.

Mr. Norman Deschuymere, allround judge from Belgium, had 147 dogs in total. Saturday was his busiest day with 108 entries, 28 of them Chow Chows. On Sunday he could focus on his BIS judging. His 3rd place went to the male tricolor King Charles Spaniel "Maibee Mr.Kipling" who was entered in Champion Class and was chosen BOB by MR. Ostrowski. Mr. Janusz Opara, also from Poland, made him Best of Group. Maibee is 5 years old and owned by Kirschbaum & Klaus Vorderstrasse& Bill Moffat Markus. Res BIS went to the winner of a very strong competition, the Beagles, that were judged by Mrs. Dorotha Witkowska. " Alotorius Old Glory Dynamic Sky" was entered in Champion Class by Francisco José Caro Ruiz from France. No less than 42 were to be beaten before this 3 year old boy could try his chances in the group where he won again under the very same judge. Best In Show was a winner of earlier that Sunday. The Bracco Italianos were judged by Mrs. Adrian Griffa. Mr. Deschuymere judged this two year old dog called "Dante" earlier that day. He made him BOB out of only 3 in competition. Mr. Jacques Goubie from France judged him in the main ring and made him winner of his Group. Dante goes back to France with his owner Pierre Badia but will certainly try again his chances next show, the Spring edition that will take place on 8 and 9 of April next year. You can still view the videos on the website and maybe this will convince you to participate yourself. You'll love it there!

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

Results: Fédération Cynologique Luxembourgoise

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