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'GENK LKV Show 2016'
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news - 07/01/2017
GENK LKV Show 2016  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
LKV Show in Genk 2017! A CAC show that outruns most CACIB's! Last year the CACIB version was good for almost 2000 entries notwithstanding it was at the very same weekend as Crufts. Without any doubt, this is a very popular show as again this year they broke another record, the most successful CAC show ever in Belgium. 2005 Entries was a real "whaw" record!

Unfortunately, a winter show as it is, Saturday was announced as a very icy day, rain on a deep frozen ground, results in ice and it affected the show. On Saturday about 200 dogs didn't show up. It was extremely risky and I myself was not even able to leave my garage. It took me 3 hours before I could finally leave. But once in the halls it was cozy as usual. Next year it will be in the summer again. Saturday evening there was an extra Champion of Champions show, along with a Gala dinner. About 40 champions were in competition. Personally I think it is more fun than a serious competition because so much depends on who is chosen at random as your competitor. If the 3 judges need to chose between two top champions, one has to go anyway. But usually it will be a good dog who wins the game, but will it be the best too?

I prefer the regular show and there was a lot to see. Unfortunately there were no statistics in the catalog, nor in the online catalog, so I cannot see what nationalities were present. Anyway , there were several British dogs, including the BIS and several other Groupwinners, lots of Dutch entries notwithstanding the weather was even worse in Holland, German entries en probably a lot of other nationalities. 39 Entries in the Couple Class and 15 in the Groups is a very good result and always a delight for the spectators.

17 Judges were invited, representing 10 Nationalities. There were only 6 Belgian judges and only 3 judges who officiated one day only. That resulted in a good economical average score of 64,7 dogs/judging day and several very high scores/day. Good scores on Saturday were for Jos De Cuyper from Belgium who had 82 entries. Mr.Rajic Branislav from Slovenia had 39 French Bulldogs and 39 Pugs and 87 dogs all together. With a very high score on Sunday, when he judges amongst others 42 Staffordshire Bull Terriers and 33 American Staffordshires and 98 dogs in total, he finished 2nd Best scoring judge of the weekend with 185 entries. Best scoring judge of Saturday was Mr Aleksoski Mile from Macedonia . With 33 Pomeranians and several other breeds of group 5 he finished with 114 dogs in his ring. Over the weekend he had 181 dogs in total. Mr Ljutic Marko came over from Croatia to judge one day only but judging the Shelties (24) and the Aussies (38) and the Swiss White Shepherd (19) his invitation proved a good investment. Mr.Kurt Nilsson from Sweden had 25 Beardies and 29 Afgans and84 dogs in total and that was another good investment keeping in mind that he judged 45 more dogs on Sunday. Mr.Miodrag Vretenicic, Montenegro born, was the weekend winner with 110 dogs on Saturday and 81 on Sunday. His wife had 37 Bulldogs on Sunday and a total of 101 dogs over the weekend. Inviting a couple is almost always a good investment.

Best In Show judge was Mr.Pinto Teixeira, and he had also a very good weekend score. Saturday he had 89 dogs and Sunday 88. He was also one of the Ch of Ch judges and Best In Show judge, a kind of Special Guest Star. His 3rth BIS was the American Akita "Beaufleets Most Wanted" . Tine Verreck from Belgium bred this 3 year old male and entered him in Champion Class to compete with 13 others. Mrs.Ingrid Hectors from Belgium judged him and send him to the main ring. Mr.Aleksoski Mile did the rest. From 38 Australian Shepherd Mr.Ljutic Marko chose the American bred Champion Terra-Blue Carmel Heart , another 3-year old male, owned by De Pauw-Hermans from Belgium, as BOB, Mr.Ljutic Marko made him BOG and Mr.Teixeira crowned him Res.BIS. Mr.Teixeira himself judged the 17 Bullmastiffs and gave the title to "Costog Mompessons Home Bru ". This 6 year old male crossed the North Sea along with masters "Oma & Warren Roni & William". Mrs.Vermeire from Belgium judged his Group and gave her approval for the BOG title. Costog is a famous dog, multi Champion and was BIS in Brussels 2015 and now LKV BIS winner of the Grand Prix of Limburg. Let's see what he will do at Crufts where he will certainly compete. But this title is another one to add to his list of honors. We look forward to the next edition on June 30 and Juli 1 of 2018 and that will be a CACIB again.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

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