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'Mouscron 2017'
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news - 28/01/2017
Mouscron 2017  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
Mouscron 2017, best coring show of Wallonia! Since years Mouscron attracts more and more dogs until it was saturated as no longer safe. The limit was set to +/- 2000 dogs/weekend. This year there were 2043 entries, 1044 on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. On Saturday there were 6 groups to be judged, while Sunday had the remaining 4; groups I, V, VIII and IX. Since last year a special way of fencing the rings was set up and it worked. This year, after a few improvements, they did the very same. Corridors for quickly passing are created in places where before there were always bottlenecks and special areas for cages and grooming were marked. This is a huge improvement and there were hardly any problems. Of course, ant that is a general phenomena, there are is a slight decrease in the number of trade stands, and that leaves more room for dogs and cages. For the first time we see here too the carpet tiles in the rings, and especially the main ring looks a lot better.

Unfortunately there is no list of the breeds in the catalog. For visitors this is rather important as they often look for their favorite breeds and if you don't know anything about the groups etc, it gets difficult for them. For the rest the catalog is good and complete; everything is there., list of honorary members, board, collaborators, judges linked to the club, and...every year the winner gets a full page promotion photo page in the front of the catalog, a much appreciated gift and good publicity if you have a kennel.

Dogs from 16 different countries are present. Belgium had 1016 entries and France no less than 663. Mouscron is a border city and some houses even have their gardens in France. 153 dogs were entered from Holland and 97 entries came from overseas, 88 from the UK and 9 from Ireland. Also here the UK is ranking high and one of the countries to be taken into account. The judges panel was composed of 17 judges and 10 different nationalities. Only 4 judges officiated one day and that means that there was a splendid dogs/judging day rate of 68,1. A score over 60 is very good and an indicator of the popularity of the judges and the show and the talent of the committee in composing the judges list. A high score means that most judges have big entries . Top scoring judge of the weekend on a single day was Tom Hehir from Ireland, who was invited to judge the Dachshunds only. He had a super nice score of 115 and that is probably a record for Belgium ,at least for a regular show. Other nice scores were for Mr.Carsten from Denmark who had 87 entries on Saturday. 43 Bernese Mountain dogs were co-responsible for this nice result. Mr.Markov from Serbia had 52 Bulldogs included in the 73 dogs in total on Saturday. On Sunday he judges Spitz breeds and finished with 93 and that completed a very high score of 166 over the weekend. Also from Serbia came Mrs Momcilovic to judge 42 dogs on Saturday, but Sunday was her best scoring day when she judged Group 8 dogs, including Labradors and Goldens, good for 106 entries all together. Mrs.Shenaschenko from Russia who judged the BIS last year, was present again for this year's party. Saturday 72 entries and no less than 114 Group 9 dogs, made her top scoring dog of the show. Mr.Ström from Sweden had another good score on Sunday with 109 entries from Group 1. Alike Mr.Hehir, Mrs Krejcova from Slovakia judged one day only, Sunday, but it was worth inviting him, he had 66 Chihuahuas and 96 entries in total. 12 Of the judges had over 110 entries, and that's amazing!

But I forget one person, our BIS judge, Mrs. Kelveri-Phillipou from Cyprus. She also had a very nice weekend score with 106 entries on Saturday consisting of Terriers breeds, the Rhodesians and the Dalmatians. On Sunday she had only 63 dogs but still good to finish 2nd best scoring judge. over the weekend. In Mouscron only one dog is placed for Best In Show. She had many good dogs to chose from but it was the English Bulldog, winner of Group II that was judged on Saturday by Mrs.Shenashenko, that catched her eye in particular. Mencey De Taknara Arehucas is his name and he is owned by Mr.Daniel Diaz Guzman from Belgium. He is 3 years old and was bred in Spain, the Canary Islands to be more precise, by Mencey De Taknara. As mentioned Mr.Markov judged them during the day and competition was strong. You can see his free advertisement in the catalog of next year edition. That will be the 45th Anniversary and it will take place also the last weekend of Januari, the 27 and 28th. See you there!

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

Results: and Karl DONVIL

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