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'Kortrijk 2014'
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news - 17/11/2017
Kortrijk 2014  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
EURODOGSHOW 2017 President of the show, Mr.Vanlerberghe, was rather unhappy when I met him. "Why for God sake is the World Dog Show only one week away from our show and why are there 3 shows in one weekend in Geneva? Of course a lot of people, especially the French, chose to go there as they have a 3fold chance to win something there? It has cost us 750 entries compared to last year and that is not good for our financial balance, as our initial expenses remain more or less the same." Of course I understand very well that this affects the Eurodogshow in the pocket. More and more organizations become inventive in order to attract more exhibitors and organize multiple shows in one weekend. The more FCI allows this, the more we will encounter similar problems and it can result in the end of a show. Organizing a show is a big financial risk, renting the halls, inviting the judges from all over the world, hotels, costs tons of money and clubs must be financially healthy to suffer setbacks. One miscalculation can mean the death blow. The least I can say about double shows is that I have mixed feelings. Is this going the right way? What about small shows, will they survive? What about judges, will judges try to become allrounder as fast as possible if they want to judge on a regular basis? Will specialist judges become real rarities and only judge on specialty shows? Will this evolution affect the future of our breeds in the right way or the wrong way? And is there a need for multiple shows or is it only in order to make more money? And what about a cheap Champion title too easily won in one weekend with few competition to beat? Is that what shows are about or do we want to win a worthy title or become second or third, but happy as the competition was very strong? Maybe FCI should reconsider this evolution and see if there is a need for extra rules and redirection to what dogshows are meant for, and also if our beloved dog will benefit from it in the end.

For this 54th edition of this show there were "only" 2519 entries from 21 different countries, half of them from Belgium. The number of French, Dutch and German entries was relatively lower. In 2015 there were 3231 entries and 842 of them or 26% from France, now there were 612 French entries 24,3 %. But the number of British entries was significantly higher, 202 in 2015 or 6,25% but this year 211 and that is 8,4% and that pleased the president a lot. For him it's a goal to attract as much British entries as possible, the Eurodogshow must be the best known show of the continent for any British exhibitor, the first to participate. The Eurodogshow is always seeking for extra attractions to impress the numerous visitors that come for the first time and entertain those who traditionally come every year so that there is always something to discover. For the first time this show is held in combination with a Catshow. That was a good initiative as it had a positive effect on the number of visitors. Another novelty were the workshops in a sidehall where visitors could have a tour around the halls and become informed about how a show is run, or watch videos about Rescue Dogs, history of FCI etc. And of course, like always there is the Childrens village with carousels and jumping castles and a whole day long demonstrations in the main ring, Fly ball, Frisbee and Dog Dancing. On Sunday Belgium's newest World Champion Dog Dancing, Elke Boxoen was celebrated after she did here act before a Belgian public. She won the title in Leipzig and she was in one word "brilliant" and Belgium was very proud of her.

It looked like there were more visitors on Saturday than on Sunday, at least that was the feeling of some trade stand holders. It took rather long before the visitors turned up. In the morning it looked a little empty, but that changed around noon and because timing of the main ring is very strict here, many visitors stayed till the very end. All by all the trade stand holders were happy. Since last year the organizers invite them Friday evening for a small reception and that is very appreciated and well attended.

41 Judges were invited, 16 nationalities! Mr. Vanlerberghe stated that it's very important to invite more breed specialist or at least judges with enough knowledge of the breeds. "Too often the exhibitors have to deal with allrounders, but it is important for the breeds to have more specialists. That is why I tried to focus more on such judges, at least as much as our budget allows". Indeed, only 9 of them judged on both days and very few had big numbers of entries which means they judge only a limited number of breeds, but more in depth. The dogs/judging day rate dropped from 59 last year to 50 this year. On Saturday Mrs. Clarke Noreen from Ireland had 102 entries, all the Keeshunds all types including Miniatures, the Samojeds, Eurasiers and Chow Chows, and on Sunday she had another 68 dogs including 48 Australian Shepherds. Mr. Naassens from Belgium judged all the dachshunds and had 80 of them. A very high number for Belgium standards. Mr. Fujimoto from Mexico also judged on both days. He had 110 dogs in total. Mrs. Edith Gallant was invited from South Africa. She judged the 90 Pinshers and Schnauzers, for sure her specialty. Tim Ball from the UK did all the French Bulldogs, 49 in total. Other specialists from the UK were Mrs. Butterworth for the 65 Goldens and Mr. Parre for his 41 Labradors. Mr. Simmons did the Borders Collies and had 43 in his ring. Mr. Duffield had a very nice entry of 94 dogs, 48 Collies and 46 Shelties. Mrs. Goodwin was invited for the Bull and Miniature Bull Terriers, 31 all together. Mr. Andreas Shemel from Austria, but more a UK person, had the American Staffordshires and the Staffordshires and he was one that judged on both days. For the Poodles Mrs. Kilderberg-Jacobsen from Denmark was invited. There were 62. Mr. Van Hummelen from Belgium had 37 Leonbergers and 75 dogs in total. He judged on Saturday only. And why not inviting a German judge for the Belgian Shepherds? A good idea and the result was there, Mr. Thomas Nallin had 58. Mrs. Veiga from Portugal judged a few Podenco's an Cirneco Dell'Etna plus and besides a few Pekingees and Bostons, she found 43 Chihuahuas in her ring. And Mrs. Rosman from Slovenia was asked to judge all the Sennenhunds, including 53 Bernese Mountaindogs. Mr. Achtergael from Belgium had only two breeds, but popular ones, 32 Dalmatians and 33 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Despite all the efforts and expenses made to focus and invite more specialists and uncommon judges, it must have been painful to find out that the effect of the World Show and the triple show in Geneva had such a negative impact on the entries. What counts more, a easily earned Champion title or a nice result won under a specialist judge and strong competition? Insiders know, but for common people it shows nicer to have a puppy from a multi-multi champion even if the titles were a piece of cake to win.

Mr. Jean-Jacques Dupas from France, living very nearby just across the border, and famous all rounder was honored to judge the Best In Show. All judges that officiated in the main ring, were officially announced, pre-recorded by a professional presenter, like in a big arena sounding from above. It is new since last year and I must admit that it has its effect, it draws your attention automatically to the judges entrance to see who the person is that was announced. And so was it too for Mr. Dupas. He had to place all 10 groupwinners (again 10, 7 losers and 3 podiumplaces!). I will limit my line-up to 3. His 3rd place went to the Airedale Terrier "Beverly Hills of the Aire Victory". Only two were entered, Beverly Hills in Champion Class. His breed judge was Mrs. Kremser from Slovenia. Mr. Shemel was the Group judge. This male was born in the Netherlands in 2014 and still lives with his breeders Berthie and Peter Spronck-Serra. The second place went to France to the Irish Wolfhound "Labyrinth Du Grand Chien De Culann". 14 Were entered for Mrs. Ludmila Fintorova from Slovenia. Labyrinth is almost two and was bred and raised by Frédéric & Flavio Maison-Freitas from France. He was entered in Open Class. It was Mrs. Maria Gabriella Veiga who granted him the ticket for the Finals. And the Best In Show went to Great Britain, just like the Best In Show Junior title that went to the Kerry Blue Terrier "Gailgorm Alone in the Dark with Lynnsto" from Dale Mitch. Little Bichon a poil Frisée "Manoir Hooray Henry" did not well understand what happened when he was helped on the podium by his happy mistress Pauline Johns. This 3 year old boy was entered in Champion Class for Mr. Dupas and won the group under Mr. Dirk Spruyt who replaced Mr. Soulat who was absent.

You see, it's worth crossing the channel for the British. Don't hesitate to enter your dog for the 55th edition on 17 & 18 November next year. The Eurodogshow belongs to the most international dogshows on the continent and you'll probably meet a judge with good knowledge and experience in your breed.

Text and Photo's: Karl DONVIL

Results: Karl DONVIL

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