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'Lovaniumtrofee 2016'
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nieuws - 29/10/2016
Lovaniumtrofee 2016  -  België

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
LOVANIUMTROFEE 2016, balancing on the edge! The Lovaniumtrofee is without any doubt one of the more popular shows in Belgium. Again this year it was a CACIB show and that brings always more entries. However there was a slight decrease this year from 1884 to 1771 this year. Anyway, as the Brabanthalls have their limits in accepting dogs, it is a very good result again. It is a no-nonsense show, no glamour, but correct and with always its attractive prizes for the winners and a Dry-Bed for every participant. This year the winning dogs were given travel items, bigger and smaller suitcases, toilet cases, backpacks, things that anybody can use. It was a good choice! I also had the impression that the numbers of visitors was pretty well. Certainly on Sunday it gave a crowded impression. I could and would probably be caused by the fact that Saturday had only 735 entries. The remaining 1036 dogs were all booked on Sunday. And they came from countries as far as the USA (one) and Russia (four). Most dogs were of course from Belgium, 1146. The Netherlands had 264 entries, France 177 and Germany 128. Among the 25 UK entries were several winning dogs, and also the winner of group 5 was a British entry. The total number of nationalities was 13.

While last year the organizers had a judges panel of only 11, this year there were 13 in total. All had high scores, especially on Sunday, except for 4 new novice judges at the start of their career. Last year show had a average rate of 85,68 dogs/judging day which was exceptionally high. With all 13 judges it was this year only 80,50 d/Jd. But if we take the number of entries of the 9 experienced judges only, then we come to totally different results. With 1641 entries for them we have a rate of 91,16 d/jd and that is very high. Let's have a closer look. Mr.Liam Moran from Ireland had the highest score of the weekend with 247 dogs. He also had the highest single day score with 158 entries on Sunday and that is a lot for one day. He had some very popular breeds of which the entries are hard to predict, like the English and American Cockers and the Labradors . I asked the committee for comments . 150 Entries is allowed by the FCI if no written reports are required and if the judge agrees it can go somewhat higher. The committee's prime goal is to not disappoint its handlers by changing judges in the last moment. But this time it was very close but Mr.Moran agreed and he still looked fit on Sunday evening. But it is a point for attention for next year's edition, Lovaniumtrofee is a good show and is the success continues or increases, they might be forced to make last minute changes. But this time everything was under control and no problems were reported. Inviting Mrs. Laura Cox and Mr. Gerard Cox was another good thing, Irish judges are very popular over here. Mrs.Cox had 89 dogs on Sunday, Mr.Cox was the best scoring judge of Saturday with 118 entries. Together they had 358 dogs to judge, and being man and wife, it saves on expenses. Mr. Attila Czegledi from Hungary had 125 dogs on Sunday and 197 in total. Mrs.Ramune Kazlauskaite from Lithuania did a little better with 132, her weekend score was 166. Mrs.Monique Van Brempt , our Belgian allrounder, had 90 dogs on Saturday and 93 on Sunday. Mr.Vanaken, also from Belgium, had only a few breeds on Saturday but that was different on Sunday. A combination of popular breeds like Leonberger, Bullmastiff, Cavalier, Chin and Shi-Tzu can quickly result in high scores, 111 in his case. Mr.Nikola Smolic from Croatia had 99 dogs on Sunday when he did the 59 Dachshunds too. But he had a very remarkable score on Saturday when he judged Spitz breeds. He had no less than 36 Miniature Spitzes which proves a growing popularity of this breed. Mrs. Chantal Van Raamsdonck-Blatter had only one breed, but she managed to get 35 Bulldogs in her ring, far from bad!

Best In Show judge was Mr.Georges Shogol who was invited from Georgia. He had a nice overall score with 161 dogs over the weekend. On Sunday 48 Chinese Cresteds were waiting for his judgment. 4 Dogs were placed in the main ring. Placing 4 winners is something that is hardly seen anywhere but in the dogs world. I never understood this. Is this to prevent disappointment for one BOG less or to make it easier for the judge when he hesitates between a couples of good dogs? It's harmless of course, but it makes not much sense. It is not seen at Crufts, or in big shows like Luxembourg. But it appears more and more in the FCI World - and European shows. On the other hand it is hardly or not seen in sports or whatever other competition. Wouldn't' it be better to just keep to 1-2-3. It saves on cups and won't withhold exhibitors to enter their dogs, it would save on time and is more economic. But OK, that's my opinion. Mr.Shogol had to chose 4 and he started with the Old English Sheepdog " Lisa Mona of Reality Dream" a French entry by Mr.Marc Fuentes. , a 19 month old female entered in Intermediate Class. Mr.Schogol himself was the breed judge, Mr.Cox did the Group. Next to enter the main ring was the Miniature Dachshund shorthaired "Perfect Painted Gotta Love Cookie", a female too and two years old. Mrs. Eline De Groot brought her to this show from the Netherlands and entered her in Champion Class for Mr.Smolic. It was Mrs.Swijsen who agreed with him and made her BOG. Reserve to Best In Show was the Afgan Hound coming from Germany " Agha Djari's Kilimanjaro". Again a female and entered in Intermediate Class to be judged by Mr.Bart Scheerens from Belgium who had 21 in his ring. Mr.Czeglédi from Hungary was the group judge. Agha is owned by Hesslin Karin. Best In Show is another product of Rony and Dieny Demunter-Uiterwijk. Remember his worldfamous kennel mate "Kingarthur van Foliny Home"? Well this is "Open Fire Van Foliny Home". He was entered in Junior Class, one year old, and allready making his first steps in the footsteps of his Kennel Mate. Mr.Jean François Vanaken was impressed by him in the breed ring, Mrs. Van Brempt while judging the Group. He will certainly impress a lot more judges in the future as this is only the start of a glamorous and prosperous career.

Text, photos and results: Karl DONVIL

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