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'Genk Ambiorixtrofee 2018'
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nieuws - 03/03/2018
Genk Ambiorixtrofee 2018  -  BelgiŽ

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
Ambiorix Trophy 2018 Bad luck affected this show as a heavy snowstorm prevented British and Irish judges to come over to Belgium. As this could not be foreseen it was a big problem for the committee as they were forced to look for judges who could replace them in the very last moment. Mr. Wade, Mr Stearle , both from Ireland and Mr Chapman from the UK were forced to stay home . That means 3 of the eleven judges could not be there. After lots of stress, phone calls and puzzling the judging panel could be repaired. 6 Belgian judges were prepared to come over and fill the gaps. Absolutely not easy because they must be free, have a license for the breeds, not having judged them lately or not in the near future, etc. We have to take into account that the average dogs/judging day rate was extremely high with 72 dogs and I don't need to tell that the impact is huge if a judge needs to be replaced, let stand 3 judges. "Chapeau" for the committee!

The total amount of dogs was 1513 and that is very, very good, taken into account that it is a CAC show, not a CACIB! And it proves that a single show has more competition to offer than a double show, and often attracts more rare breeds too. Here we could meet a Serra da Estrella Mountain Dog, a Kai, a Chart Polski, a Broholmer and a Rafeiro do Alentejo. Saturday was more busy with 820 dogs to be judged, while Sunday had 693. 959 Dogs were from Belgium, 130 from France, 168 from Germany and the Netherlands were represented by 206 specimen. There were 18 entries from the United Kingdom and even one from the United States of America. In total 13 nationalities were represented. As usual the catalog was complete and bound with spirals, making it easy to open and keep open and inside there were several breeders advertisements in full color.

The 6 Belgian judges that replaced the 3 missing judges were Mrs.Anja Gregoire, Mrs.Carine Swysen, Mr.Theo Leenen, Mr.Gustaaf Van Den Bosch, Mr.Jos De Cuyper and Mr. Bart Vandaele. Unfortunately I have no overview of which breeds they took over. Mr. Searle, the first of the missing judges, had attracted 103 dogs, Mr.Wade was invited to judge on Saturday only, but he had 97 entries for him, including 40 Pomeranians. Mr.Chapman had 61 on Saturday and 89 on Sunday and he had a remarkable number of 54 Border Collies. Traditionally Mr.Piotr Krol, the usual invitee in Genk, had a good entry of 98 on Saturday. Mr Schogol from Georgia had the record entry on Saturday with 105 dogs, breeds from groups two and nine. With the 66 entries of Sunday he was the second best scoring judge of the weekend. Mr.Aleksoski from Macedonia was the top judge of the weekend with 77 dogs on Saturday and 97 on Sunday, when he had 29 American Staffordshires.

Mr.Aleksoski was also asked to judge Best In Show. His 3rd place went to the Yorkshire Terrier "Hunderwood Last Kiss" a 2 year old bitch that was entered in Champion Class for Mr.Vanaken. He is owned by Claudine Chassefiere from France. After winning from 9 others he went to the Group judging that was judged buy Mr.Kazmierski and won. Second place went to the Pomeranian "Dan-Star-Kom -Griffon Boy, a Russian bred 4 year old male owned by Vanvaerenbergh Julie. 39 he had to beat before he could compete in the Main ring for the Group judging. He could convince judge Kroll and there he was finally, taking place on the Res BIS podium. It was the winner of group 2 who won Best In Show, a Mastino Napoletano, named "Pirelli Luigi", bred and owned by Sonja Smidova from Belgium. Luigi is 2 years olf and was entered in Champion Class along with 2 others and was judged by Mr. Schogol who was the Group Judge as well.

Next year the show will take place in summer on June 29 & 30 and it will be again a CACIB. Winter storms will not affect that edition and let us hope that nothing else will bother the committee. We hope to see you there.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL


BIS: Mastino Napoletano "Pirelli Luigi" owned by Smidova Sonja

Junior BIS: Greyhound "Estet Classic Phoebe At Me Encanteas" owned by Weber Isabel

Group I: Shetland Sheepdog " Quinten van 't Nielerhof" owned by Verbeelen Valere

Group II: Mastino Napoletano "Pirelli Luigi" owned by Smidova Sonja

Group III: Yorkshire Terrier "Hunderwood Last Kiss" owned by Claudine Chassefiere

Group IV: Miniature Teckel longhaired "Ulybka Fortuny Enot Kroshka" owned by Gieles Dana

Group V: Zwergspitz "Dan-Star-Kom -Griffon Boy" owned by Vanvaerenbergh Julie

Group VI: Chien de St Hubert "Loamy's Lane's Meghan" owned by Van Der Sichel Linda

Group VII: Irish Red Setter "Nuran Ireleith" owned by Verwimp Wim

Group VIII: Sussex Spaniel "Labry Berry Brezhnev" owned by Penneman Nancy

Group IX: Lhasa Apso "Kokomo Love Love Me Do" owned by Bellens-Deroo Linda-Martine

Group X: Afgan Hound "ZZ'Infinite Dream A Touch of Freedom" owned by Muhlemeyer Michaela

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