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'Mouscron 2018'
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news - 27/01/2018
Mouscron 2018  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
MOUSCRON, not affected! For its 45th edition Mouscron can look back with pride. Compared to many other dogshows last year, they had only a little less dogs compared to its previous edition. Last year 2043 were entered, now 1941. Could it be that the price to enter a dog is cheaper, 48 EURO for the first, 43 for the second and without penalty for last minute entries. That is no longer needed in my opinion as with the current digitalization of the payment for entering a dog, it can last until a couple of days before the show.

Before it was different. There was a lot of trouble with people who were always too late, who were always claiming to have paid, people who always wanted to pay at the show. But now... you can pay and see the confirmation within seconds. And is it important to see one month, and two weeks before the show how many have entered already? If you raise the entry fee two weeks before it s possible that only very few will enter after that. But if you leave the people time to enter till a few days before the show it gives people with bitches who will be in season shortly the time to find out if they can or cannot enter. And there will always be people who enter dogs the last minutes. If you raise the price they will probably shop elsewhere. Organizers need to see that they have all the necessary judges invited over a year before the show and then it is better to have enough entries for them than too few. So, get rid of those increasing tariffs. Mouscron is the best example for that!

We know the parking problems that will probably never change, but notwithstanding that, people like to enter for Mouscron. Mouscron has a special attraction. It was always very crowded inside but since two year this has changed a lot for the better. People are now able to walk around because there are now passages protected with fences, dividing grooming areas from the passages and places to be used by the handlers . It is still very crowded but now you can move and walk around and there is much less tension and stress. Another positive factor is the buffet. For a very democratic price you can eat, frites, hamburger, cakes all kind, sandwiches... Small details make often a big difference, it creates the general atmosphere and it determines of someone comes back for sure, maybe or never.

The catalog is pretty heavy and thick but complete. But there is work to do to make a more eco-friendly. Leaving out empty spaces and reorganize space to fill out the results can reduce the size of the catalog with at least 25%. It would be nice to see a big improvement next year. But as said, it has a lot of information and makes it complete. And I'm happy to find useful statistics inside. I see that 21 countries were represented, even one from the USA, and that makes Mouscron a very international show. On Saturday there were 922 dogs entered, on Sunday there were 1019. Belgium was best represented with 842 dogs but France had 679. Germany had 130 dogs in competition and the Netherlands 165. From across the Chanel came 52 dogs from the United Kingdom and 6 from Ireland.

17 Judges officiated on this show. Only 4 judges were from Belgium and even two of them for only one day. The dogs/judging day rate was very, very good with a score of 60,7! Weelde had only 39,2. And if we take only the invited foreign judges into account we finish with a super score of 68,5.

On Saturday Mrs Salijevic, who lives in Sweden, had an entry of 123 dogs on Saturday. A few popular breeds made this possible, 42 English Bulldogs, 23 Bull Mastiffs and 24 Newfoundlanders. She was the best scoring judge of the weekend but unfortunately she and her compatriot Mr. Andersson had troubles with a cancelled flight which was the reason why they could only start judging during the main ring program on Saturday as they arrived just a few hours before, they were very disappointed and so were probably the exhibitors who subscribed to know their opinion. It are things that can happen. Their dogs were divided between several other judges. Anyway, their popularity was proved. The next time they will be invited to a show in Belgium, success will be guaranteed. Together with Sunday, 176 dogs were entered for her, the 3rd best score of the weekend. Mrs. Zlatina Davidovska was another success. On Saturday she judged all the Dachshunds and she had 74. On Sunday she did most Spitztypes. That these breeds are popular proves the 120 entries and that makes Mrs.Davidovska the best scoring judge of the show with a total of 194 entries or 10% of the entries for her alone! Her compatriot Mr.Antoan Hlebarov was another hit with 111 entries on Sunday and a total score of 181. Mr Bubalo was the only judge from Croatia, but he also had a good score on Sunday with 105 entries. It helped of course that he had the Goldens and Labradors, each 36 specimen. Such a high dogs/judging day score would bring us too far to go into detail for every judge, but let us not forget the Belgian judges and some foreign judges who took over the dogs entered for the Swedish judges. It's not an easy task for the committee to arrange it in the very last minute, especially as they were expected until the very last minute.

Best In Show was offered to Mr.Francisco Salvador Janeiro from Portugal. For the finals only 3 dogs were placed! FANTASTIC! An example to many other shows that place more dogs. And for the BIS Mr. Francisco had to place only one dog! That is no new here, it was always like that but it is also a good habit! His winning dog was a real surprise! It was a Sloughi, a breed that rarely scores so high. This was the second time in history I was told but I cannot check it. Kosmas Kristina entered her Champion for Mr. Hlebarov's judgment. Only two were in competition. Mr.Hlebarov was also the group judge and also he was convinced of the qualities of this dog and had hopes for the finals. Mr.Kosmas knew she had to come back and although Sloughis normally don't win and as only one dog is placed, chances were little, very little, but fortunately she gave it a fair try and won! A great victory! Her Champion's name is" Malala Schuru-Esch-Schamps", a German bred dog of a little over 4 years old. It's always possible to win and there is no reason to lost hope. In 2019 you will have another chance at this show, last weekend of January as usual. And don't worry if you booked late, the price will probably not chance the closer you reach the date (unless, and you never know, the committee changes her mind too, which I doubt).

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

Results: Doglle and Karl DONVIL

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