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'Interview with Hilde Marie Fredrksson'
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nouvelles - 01/05/2012
Interview with Hilde Marie Fredrksson  -  Finlande

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INTERVIEW by ALICE VARCHI Thank you Hilde Marie for accepting this interview with us. As you are World Winner in Junior Handling 2011 we would like to know something more about you! My name is Hilde-Marie Fredriksson, 16 years old and I come from Finland. My hobbies, except dogshows and junior handling, are dancing, photographing, scouting and playing piano a little bit. This year I will start the gymnasium and there I will study for the next three years. After that I’ll see what I want to do. I have two kleinspitzes at home, one 1,5 year old and its mom, 4 years old.

How and when you started with Junior Handling? Do you remember your first time in the ring?

I started junior handling when I was 10 years old and before that I went to child&dog-competitions in unofficial shows. We had a kleinspitz back then and I wanted to start a hobby with it. She was very shy and didn’t like to be touched and could maybe even bite the judge.. So she was very difficult as a first dog to handle in the ring!

My first time in the ring was with my kleinspitz and she got Very Good. I don’t know why, and I don’t remember either, but somehow I liked the sport and wanted to continue. The second time in the ring was then in a junior handling competition with the same dog. I competed a half year without any success, not even got shortlisted or anything, until I made some friends who lent me dogs to the competitions. Then I started to train and I got tips from other junior handlers who made me a better junior handler (:

You have competed at the World Dog Show in Paris representing Finland. Would you like to share with us the experience of the whole day in the Junior Handling ring?

Well, I went to the show in the morning with my mom and my friend. My friend was going to compete in the “normal” jh-competition, so we had to find a dog for her. When we found a dog for her and everything was ok, then I saw some of my friends and all the junior handlers met in a room. They told us some information and then we went to eat. The actual competition started at 2 o’clock with a pre-judging. Myself, I got to know which dog I was going to compete with the day before, on Saturday. I didn’t have a dog to compete with when I came to Paris. Thankfully, Thomas Wastiaux knew a pharaoh hound breeder from Russia, Maria Evteeva, who had a beautiful dog for me. I trained with it some minutes and said it was more than ok! Before the competition then, I got it just in time, before going into the ring, so I didn’t really “know” the dog. But that’s the way it often works best for me.. Well, all the representants ran into the ring and stacked their dogs. The jugde took a quick look on us, and already picked 10 out. So we really had to make a good first-impression. Then she started to judge us ten, asking me to do a T. She also asked the name of the breed and which FCI-group it belongs to. I did a T and stacked the dog and then she thanked me. We ran a couple rounds and then we changed dogs. I got a nice papillon named “Van Helsing”! He was pretty easy to handle so it worked fine. I did an up-and-down and she asked the breed and which breeed is the “other” version of the papillon was, meaning phalene. After this she picked out 6 junior handlers and made us do a few rounds again. Me and the representant for Monaco then changed dogs, and I got her polish hunting dog. We did together up-and-down and stacked the dogs. After that, the judge said thank you to the representant of Puerto Rico with an American Staffordshire terrier. Then we were only 5 left, and the judge had already decided the placements. The big final was around 5 o’clock and everyone seemed very nervous! When it was time again to go, we all ran in to the ring of honor and there was much cheering for all of us. We stacked our dogs and then they told the placements. As 5th was a girl from France, 4th a boy from Thailand, 3rd a girl from Russia and then we were down to us, the girl representing Monaco and me. We made a big lap of honor and then they told that Finland won and Monaco was 2nd!!

How did you feel when you were call on the highest step of the podium?

What can I say, surprised of course! And proud! At the moment I didn’t quite realize it, but when all the photographers ran to take pictures I knew that I had done something that I couldn’t even dream of!

What does this amazing win mean for you?

Much and more! A prize of all the work, training and everything I’ve done in my junior handling years, which are not done yet! I want to thank everyone who has ever lent me a dog for the competitions, there are many! And that’s the reason I made this. So thank you!

In which other countries have you competed? What are you major awards?

I’ve competed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Great Britain and now France. Of course in Finland too! My major award would be this, the Nordic championship in 2009, the Finnish championship in 2010 and to get shortlisted in Cruft’s this year!

What are your plans for the future?

With dogs, more dog shows and maybe a third dog home after a few years.. Maybe start breeding and things like that. Other that stuff with dogs, I don’t really know. Have to finish my school and take a look then!


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