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This website is the 'face' of the World Dog Press Association.
High time to introduce this organisation to you.

For years there had been a need for a centralised organisation to manage the whole press happening at events. Obviously, this need revealed itself mostly at the bigger events, but even more modest happenings lacked management. After several months of preparation, the World Dog Press Association started off on 1 July 2002. The main goal: becoming a central meeting point for everyone working for the dog press. Less than six months later the organisation had become widely known and gained worldwide recognition. This resulted in a solid cooperation with organisers of dog events. The desired result: collaborating to establish an efficient kind of journalism and help to simplify the organisational tasks. Soon it became clear that all parties involved benefited a great deal from this new way of working.

Furthermore the organisation wants to help its members (the editors). As globalisation is establishing itself, new needs occur and the Internet van definitely offer a solution. Whereas publishers tend to value a large offer of news and pictures, international press coverage doesn't seem to be all that self-evident. This web site has created some revolutionary possibilities, which, until recently, were inconceivable. Our reporters, mostly digitally equipped, can use this web site free of any obligation to offer their work to publishers anywhere in the world. Thus, publishers know where to find and how to contact them.

Here is how it goes: the reporters interested in presenting their work, publish their news and pictures on the site with the help of a software application especially designed for this purpose. In this software they will find the possibility to conceal certain pictures for the general public. Those pictures will only be visible for publishers, so that they enjoy a certain degree of exclusivity. The pictures accessible to everyone can be sold publicly. Surely everyone would like a picture of his or her dog winning the first price in a competition. As you can see, we try to make both publishers and owners happy.

You want to know how to take part in this or you need extra information, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

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