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'KORTRIJK Eurodogshow 2016'
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nieuws - 19/11/2016
KORTRIJK Eurodogshow 2016  -  België

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
Eurodogshow Kortrijk 2016 A little less British entries but a lot more British wins, that's what we could say in a couple of words about this 53rd edition. There was a very slight increase of entries in general. Welcoming dogs from 22 different countries makes the Eurodogshow of Kortrijk one of the most international dog shows in the area and for British exhibitors it is probably the best known show on the continent and that certainly has to do with the great hospitality they experience here. As every year there are some changes, usually improvements. This year they were less visible to the audience. One of the novelties was a reception for the trade stand holders on Friday evening. Trade stand holders are very important and often underappreciated. They attract visitors to the show, provide service to the exhibitors like food, dog items, etc . But they also contribute to the costs of the renting of the halls and other expenses, without them shows would probably cost lots more. Some of them are also sponsors, resulting in gifts, cups, food, etc for the winners. The fact that the Eurodogshow invited them to a reception, is another milestone in history and tradition of dog show organizing.

A second novelty is the online catalog, at least it's the first of this kind for the Eurodogshow. People who still want the printed version can still order one. Maybe it's the first time that I'm forced to work with a digital version, but it's not that practical. You have to scroll al lot and it does not give you a nice overview like 30 entries on a open page. They are all divided in groups and in the groups per breed. But what if you don't know in what group your breed is ? I also miss the list of exhibitors. Suppose I want to buy a puppy of a certain breed, then I only have the name of the owner and breeder. On the other hand you can consult the results immediately as they are transferred via tablets for the judging ring. Maybe I need to get used to it and maybe the systems needs to be fine-tuned more. But still, it means that in the future we will be lost without our smartphone or tablet or if we ran out of power. And how long will we be able to consult the data? But of course too many people throw away the catalog right after the show, which is not environmental friendly. And we will no longer be able to prevent judges to have a look at the catalog to see who will be in their ring. There have always been judges who managed to arrange a catalog with the help of exhibitors they know, but online there will be no limit. Strange, knowing that too many organizers don't want the numbers of the dogs in the main ring displayed for the audience. We will see what the future will bring us.

The website had a few nice items, like an introduction of every judge including a photo, when they judge, what ring and what time. Best of all was the very clear step by step introduction for newcomers to the world of dog shows. I have been insisting that every show organization should have these few pages extra in their catalogs. Except for the time-schedule, that would be the most interesting pages of a catalog. I loved it and it would also be good to give a printed copy to the visitors. That would arouse interest for dog shows and people would be able to follow better. I also liked to connection to the Commercial Stands, all info was immediately visible, the number of the stand, location on map, address, e-mail, website...The Eurodogshow is also well covered in the regional media and that helps them every year to welcome lots of visitors. Few shows have so much visitors as Kortrijk? And that attract commercial stands, 73 were booked!

3264 Entries is a slight increase compared to last year and that means that the show is on cruise speed. 1650 Dogs were Belgian dogs, 725 came from France, 364 from the Netherlands and 199 from Germany. There were 180 entries from the United Kingdom and 17 from Ireland. In total there were entries from 22 different countries. The judges panel was composed of 39 judges from 16 different countries. Only 25 of them judges both days and that brought the score on 59.34 dogs/judging day. Not bad at all and slightly better than Luxembourg but still far from Leuven with over 85. Some judges were very occupied and, remarkable, there were only two Belgians, one of them judged only on Saturday, while 12 Judges were invited from the United kingdom. Eurodogshow seems to focus to the UK and with success, there were a lot of British wins in the main ring and I have no idea how many won a title during the day.

The best scoring judge was Mrs Juliya Aidietine from Lithuania. She judged 62 Pugs on Saturday plus several other breeds, 122 dogs in total, but with another 56 dogs on Sunday, she was the best scoring judge of the weekend. Mrs Julia Ovsyannikova from Russia came close. She had 80 Great Danes on Saturday and 171 dogs in total. Mr. Ronny Doedijns from The Netherlands was 3rd with 151 dogs. He had a very unusual number of 24 Dutch Shepherds, at least for Belgian Standards. Mr. Hans Wiblishauser from Germany was best scoring judge on Sunday when he had 98 to judge. Along with 52 dogs on Saturday he scored 150 for the weekend. Mr. Jan Busta from Czech Republic was one of the judges with an appointment for one day. He was invited to judge all the Dachshunds and he had no less than 119, which is very good for Belgium. Best scoring judge of Saturday was Mr.Lawrence Llamas from Gibraltar. On Sunday he only had 18 dogs to judge but on Saturday, on the contrary, he had 125, 55 Chinese Cresteds and 70 Chihuahuas. All the UK judges had pretty good entries, most of them judged one breed or one day only. Jeff Luscott was an exception. HE judged both days and had a good entries in Beardies (33) and Australian Shepherds (58). Mr ALan Clarke menaged to bring 38 Colleys together and it looks like this breed is again gaining in popularity. Mrs.Tracey Gartland took care of the small variety, the Shetland Sheepdogs. She had 56. Mrs.Linda Lest had a good entry of 61 Belgian Shepherd while Mrs Sheilin Cuthberth had 89 Labradors and Mrs.Josephine Glynn had 76 Golden Retrievers. Mrs.Rachel Spencer judged another typical British breed, the Border Colley, which was her only breed, but it was good for 72 specimen.

Mr.Ronny Doedijns did not only have a good score, he was also the Best In Show judge and it was clear that he was very honored . He had to place all Group winners, however, the Dachshund did not return . His 3rd palce went to the Yorkshire Terrier HUNDERWOOD IDOL, owned and showed by Mr. Eric Bernard from France. 21 Were in competition, Mr.Hans Grüttner from Germany was the breed judge, Mr.Norman Deschuymere from Belgium the Group judge. Idol is 3 years old. Second came BEARDIE CONNECTIONS KENJI, BIS winner of many other shows in Belgium. Judged by Mr.Luscott he was later made BOG by Mr.Boris Chapiro from France. Best In Show was won by an unusual breed to win this, and it was a British win. CHARMER VAN DE TUINDERSHOF is a 3 year old boy, bred by Verheught Meijer and adopted by Nicki Johnston to go and live in the United Kingdom. He was entered in Champion Class under judge Hans Wiblishauser from Germany who transferred him to Mr.Hans Grüttner who judged the group. Nicki was surprised and obviously never expected this. She will never forget this show and we can only hope that Mr.Doedyns's choice will end up high at Crufts and other great shows in England. We hope to see Nicky and Charmer regularly in Belgium again.

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