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'Luxembourg Spring 2017'
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nieuws - 08/04/2017
Luxembourg Spring 2017  -  Luxemburg

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
Luxembourg Spring, still high on every handlers list. With almost the very same number of entries the show of Luxembourg seems to remain high on the list of everyone who wants to start a champion career for their dog. Last year this edition counted 4560 entries, this year it was 4551. Saturday was the more quiet day with 2085 dogs to judge. They belonged to groups 2-3-4-7 and 10. But it looked somewhat strange as there were very few trade stands compared to previous versions. The ones I spoke to were not unhappy, less trade stands means less concurrence and most of them had a good turnover. In spring the fee is more expensive compared to the autumn edition that attracts less exhibitors in general but more stand holders. A rather funny situation. Around the halls the parking situation is still going on, but most exhibitors did not complain too much and found solutions. But I can imagine that this affects the success of a show a lot. People have to walk a long way sometimes with dogs and all the stuff they need to prepare for the show and spend the rest of the day waiting. They seem not to mind this small sacrifice too much as Luxembourg is one of the most attractive shows with a relatively easy way to return home with one or more titles and trophies and still in strong international competition. 30 different nationalities were represented. From France came no less than 1353 dogs, the best represented country here. Germany was good for another 977 dogs, Belgium for 801 and the Netherlands for another 456. The remaining dogs, almost 1000, came from other European countries, except one from the USA and another from the Philippines. Exhibitors from the United Kingdom have also found the way to Luxembourg since many years, I counted 132. There were even 17 from Ireland and if it was not so complicated to come over I'm convinced there would be many more. From Russia there were 95 entries. Spain aws also well represented with 122 dogs and Italians are also very fond of Luxembourg, there were 166 of them. With so many dogs, one can expect some rare breeds too. The Co Fila de So Miguel and the Epagneul de Pont Audemer were shown here.

The main ring was attractive as usual. No main sponsor this time. On the Trophy table were a few special awards of the Best Junior In Show, Best Veteran in Show and Best In Show, hand size flowers made from colored glass, very delicate, but very beautiful. The eldest dog in show was also awarded with a glass statue of a dog. The lucky dog was a Standard Dachshund, 12 years old. Nice to pay attention to the oldies and important too as they are the proof that pure bred dogs can be sound and healthy till a very old age. Behind the trophy table was a huge led screen with life monitoring of the ring and display of the numbers and breed. Several cameras followed the judging from different angles and this was also streamed instantly on internet. The main ring program started from 14h30 on and on Saturday it lasted till 19h and on Sunday even till 19h30. That is very, very long! Many spectators leave around six with their family as they want to go home for supper and the children need to go to school the next day. Every time I walked along the main ring I saw more people starting to sigh and crossed frowning judges get up to make a walk in order not to get stiff from sitting all the time, while others looked at their watches and had another drink. Some of them leave too as they need to catch a plane or have to drive a long way home or just go to the hotel to relax and eat. When the ultimate winners are crowned the hall is as good as empty. There are hardly any people around the rings, probably people waiting for their partners who are still in the main ring. The trade stands are almost broken down and some even left. The results is an anticlimax only because the main ring program is overloaded and takes much too long. Minor Puppies, Puppies, Veterans and Junior class are judged in the main ring every day, males and females separate plus the Best of Day. They enter Group by Group and per sex in the main ring. That means a few males of each of the groups of that day are selected, then the best is chosen, then the same again with the females and finally after that the two best of each sex compete for the best of the day. It would be better to start the main ring program at 16h00 and let the judges use that extra time to judge all this in the ring during the day and send only the best Minor Puppy, Puppy, Junior and Veteran of the breed to the main ring. That would make the ring more attractive for the audience. In fact this is the way most organizations do it. The show would probably end around 18h00, which is a good time to leave for families and exhibitors who need to drive back home to all parts of Europe. It would also be better for the trade stands when exhibitors have a little more time to go around while now they need to queue for their diplomas and then move to the neighborhood of the main ring to find a good place to sit and follow. Judges would have a little more time for lunch and could go back earlier to the hotel and get some dinner or rest. If there would be a real prejudging behind the main ring, it could make things go much more smoothly and faster and easier to keep up attention till the very end. The time to judge the Minor Puppies, Puppies, Veterans and Juniors could be reduced with two thirds at least.

As usual there were a lot of judges invited and the average dogs per judging day was 72,3 and that is a very good score. 34 Judges were invited from as much as 13 different countries, all from Europe. Mr.Vlasto Vojtec from Slovakia had 88 Dobermanns on Saturday 89 Rhodesian Ridgebacks on Sunday. Mrs.Linda Volarikova was also a hit with 107 entries on Saturday including 79 miniature Schnauzer and 76 dogs on Sunday. Mr.Vanaken from Belgium had the same number of dogs on Sunday. On Sunday he judged all the Great Danes and that was a busy day for him with 122 entries. But Mr Colm Hastings from Ireland was the topper of the weekend with no less than 265 entries. His breeds on Saturday were all out of group 7. On Sunday his high score of 120 was reached thanks to 78 Aussies. Mrs.Carin Swysen from Belgium had also more than 200 entries. She shared the Dachshunds with Mrs.Petroula E.Richard who had 66. Carin had 94. On Sunday she judged all the Golden Retrievers, 108! On Sunday there were several judges with more than 85 entries, Mr.Allesandor Zeppi from Italy with 95, 79 of them Cocker Spaniels, Mr.Vanhoenacker from Belgium with 111, 74 of them Pugs, his compatriot Mr. Victor Van Raamsdonck with 117 entries, 106 were Chihuahuas, from Lithuania mrs Ramune Kaslautskaite who did 115 Spitzes, Mrs.Isolde Huber from Germany with 99 entries, her success breed were the 63 Beagles. Mr.Bojan Matakovic from Croatia had both days slightly over 85, 86and 88 more precisely. Labradors and French Bulldogs means high entries. Respectively Mr.Anthony Kelly from Ireland scored 95, Italian judge Mr.Massimiliano Mannucci 89. The same with Chines Cresteds and Poodles, Mrs Iveta Vojtekova had 90, thanks to her 64 Chinese Cresteds and 75 of the 105 entries for Mrs.Gabriela Ridarcikova were Poodles. Mrs.Kristina Nolke judged on Sunday only, alike her husband, she had 87 dogs.

Best In Show judge was one of the few Belgian all-rounders, Mrs. Liliane De Ridder-Onghena. She chose three nice dogs, the Fox Terrier Wire, the Barzoi and the Chihuahua shorthair in that order. The 3rd place entered first, the Fox. Mr.Victor Malzoni Jr from the UK is his owner and his name is Hampton Court's Monte Cristo. He is American bred and almost 6 years old. He was chosen twice by Mr.Bojan Matakovic. The first time to beat 14 breed-mates and later all the other Terriers. The Barzoi was a choice from Mrs.Ruth Wagner from Luxembourg out of 25. It was another male and his name is Russkiy Azart Ceranus Valiant Invictus, and living with breeder Maria Lazareva since 2015 in Italy. Mr.Van Raamsdonk had 47 Chihuahuas short haired and he picked out Dartan the Valiant Aladar , a 4 year old little prince from Spain. He was entered in Champion Class Males too. Before he could go to the BIS ring he had still to impress Mr.Vanaken who judged Group 9, but that was for him no problem. Our little soldier finally climbed the highest podium without a problem and received the delicate flower to hand it to his owner Mrs.Ludmir Sandra before going back to Spain.

Next edition of this show is planned for 2 and 3 September, that will already be the 95th edition. If by then less (long) is more, there will be plenty of public for that Centennial finals. September could make a good try to see the difference.

Text and photos : Karl DONVIL


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