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'Charleroi 2017'
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nieuws - 07/10/2017
Charleroi 2017  -  België

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
Charleroi 2017, last show in Charleroi! Indeed, this will be the last one this show will be held in Charleroi. The building will get a complete make-over as it dates back from end of the fifties and was hardly refurbished over the years. The club was forced to look out for another hall but luckily, La Louvičre, will have a new expo centre ready by next year. La Louvičre, a city not too far from Charleroi, had her own CAC show years ago in an old factory, turned into an expo centre, but that seems to be broken down and a completely new expo centre is build close to the old place. I saw it on the website already and it looks very promising. But club president Mr.Goval says it is smaller in size compared to the old halls in Charleroi which are in fact very spacious. But they will manage. Mr.Goval speaks with melancholy in his voice about the old halls where he used to have the show for over 40 years and even asks me to take some pictures as a souvenir. From next year on everything moves to La Louvičre, and probably for many years, unless...unless the expo halls of Charleroi will be affordable and the club wants to come home again. But La Louvičre has been reserved for a few years anyway. For the last edition in the old halls the club has done some efforts to make the main ring look really nice. While before the main ring was always at the windows side of the big hall, the sun was always blinding, hanging low in October in the late afternoon during the finals. The last few years the main ring moved to the opposite site, but unfortunately there is not much light, only a few fluorescent lamps. The main ring was covered with blue carpet tiles and a nice podium was build against the wall. The background was covered with a black cloth and lit by a few extra spotlights. But, notwithstanding the good intentions, it still was not the brightest podium. Hopefully the new halls of La Louvičre will offer better opportunities to give this podium more credit.

Inside the spacious halls it was rather chilly, but the numerous visitors did not seem to mind too much. There were plenty of trade stands to visit and most of the traders had a balanced turnover. At least they did not complaint about the space, a square meter more or less was no problem. If next year in the new halls it will also be as generous is the question. Anyway, they can expect a new audience.

1444 dogs were entered, good for 18 different nationalities. 731 Dogs were locals, 507 from France, 84 from Germany and surprisingly only 52 from the Netherlands. On the other hand there were 2 dogs from Sweden, two from Bulgaria, two from Spain and even one entry from the States. The UK had 30 dogs in competition.

On Saturday there were only 518 dogs to be judges. The 9 judges for that day were the ones that judged on both days. For the 926 dogs of Sunday 8 more judges were invited. This means that 8 judges officiated one day only. Notwithstanding this, the dogs/judging day score was not bad at all, 57,76. In fact it was a little higher as Mr.Verrees, was not there and his dogs were divided among the other judges. The judges came from 6 countries, included 4 from Belgium. Mr.Lasselin from France had 71 entries on Saturday, 128 in total. Mr.Parmicianov from Italy had 77 thanks to 29 Aussies. Mr.Juanchicot from France was the topscoring judge of the weekend with 73 entries on Saturday and 101 on Sunday. Mr.Pagani from Italy had the 42 Chihuahuas among his breeds and that resulted in a nice number, 87. Mr.Goubie from France had 54 entries on Saturday and 84 on Sunday, good for the second best weekend score. The judges invited for Sunday only were also good choices. Mr Froelich from France had 76 dogs in his ring, Mr.Richard-Doumap, compatriot to him, had 71. The only UK judge was Mr.Darmanin who had 47 Bulldogs, the best scoring breed.

The timing for the finals was OK on both days, although it looked like Sunday would end much later as it started later, but the judging of the finals went so smoothly that it was not the case and Mr.Hans Grüttner from Germany, who was asked to judge Best In Show, could start well in time. His 3rd place was for the Scottish Terrier "Marius Du Mat Des Oyats" . This junior dog came for his title under judge Froelich from France but Mrs. Solange Loget, his master, could never have expected to end that high, especially as Marius was only 11 months old and there was also Mrs.Lepasaar, who judged group 3, to convince of his qualities. Another dog from France was awarded Runner up to Best In Show. It was the Pekingees "Vannjity Mohamed Ali". Owner Mr. Lassero-Richard entered him under Mr. Juanchicot. Mohammed Ali is again a junior dog that won the breed. Mrs.Pagani from Italy awarded him the Group title. The Best In Show went to again another dog from France, but one that was entered in Champion Class this time, once for more Mr.Juanchicot, a Basenji. 5 Were entered for the show. "Lord Invictus de la Triby Val'Elsy" as is his name, was entered in Champion Class being 2 years old and lives whit Alexandre Valerie, who also is his breeder. He was awarded Best of Group 5 on Saturday by Mr. Lepasaar from Estonia. That means that all the big prizes go to France. We look forward to the first edition in the new halls of La Louvičre and hope to welcome lots of French exhibitors and much more from the Netherlands this time. For the British exhibitors La Louvičre is probably also better situated. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

Text, results and photos Karl DONVIL

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