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'Ambiorix trofee 2022'
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nieuws - 03/07/2022
Ambiorix trofee 2022  -  BelgiŽ

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
Ambiorix trofee 2022 This nicely organized national Championship show suffered from the impact caused by the many double shows all over now. And if that was not enough, the Netherlands had their CACIB show in Utrecht. However, as both shows were single shows, many exhibitors were able to participate in both shows and this probably countered their bad luck partly. Next year they will again be granted the CACIB title. But apart from that, the floods of last year destroyed all the show material that was stocked in a hired compartment in the cellars of the halls. For their last show, right before the pandemic, they made serious investments for their future shows with a nice podium and decoration. All of this was lost now and they were forced to rent all this. One thing they did not lose was their optimism. They had again a nice show, with 780 entries out of 9 different countries, good enough to fill the big hall and no need to rent extra side halls. The atmosphere was relaxed and very enjoyable and the show ended right in time every day.

The dogs/judging day rate of 52 was OK, and certainly with 5 out of the 9 judges being Belgians. Mr.Momcilo from Montenegro attracted 101 dogs on Saturday and 82 on Sunday, being the top-scoring judge of the weekend. Liedekerke-Ferraris will keep this show forever in her memory as the first show that she judged. She judged her favorite breed, the Shipperkes, five in total, plus the junior class on Saturday in the main ring.

There is no reason to be discouraged, compared to the CACIB shows, the result was not bad at all. Keep up the good mood.

Tekst, photos, and results: Karl DONVIL

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